There are different ways that students still enrolled in high school can earn college credit for Asnuntuck classes.

College Career Pathways

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Julie Cotnoir, College Career Pathways CoordinatorWelcome

As program coordinator, I invite you to learn more about College Career Pathways at Asnuntuck Community College, a program that allows students to earn free college credit while taking college level classes at their high school.

College Career Pathways allows students enrolled in Asnuntuck’s consortium of high schools (CREC-Public Safety Academy, East Granby, Enfield, East Windsor, Ellington, Granby, Stafford, Somers, Windsor Locks and Suffield) to begin exploring where they would like to be in their life and allows them the opportunity to save some hard earned money as well by gaining up to 13 no-cost college credits while still in high school.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the program.

I wish the best of luck to all of our area high school students as they pursue higher learning opportunities!

Julie Cotnoir

College Career Pathways Coordinator


About College Career Pathways

Earn College Credit for Free

College Career Pathways credit, from Asnuntuck Community College, is available to high school sophomores,  juniors and seniors in 10 area schools.

College Career Pathways, a federally funded program, allows students to earn up to 13 FREE college credits, by taking classes at their high school, that have been approved by Asnuntuck Community College faculty.

Students apply for College Career Pathways at their high school and can be enrolled in various disciplines, including math, science and a career-related area (e.g. accounting, digital arts, early childhood development, business, etc.). Students are required to fill out an Asnuntuck Community College AND College Career Pathway application to be eligible.

Students can earn credits toward a degree or certificate program at Asnuntuck Community College or transfer them to another college or university. (Most colleges accept incoming community college credit.  The final decision is dependent on the accepting college’s transfer policy.)

Students and Parents Benefit

College Career Pathways students have the ability to not only earn college credit for their high school efforts but they are also able to save financially by earning credit without the outlay of any tuition, in addition to saving time on earning a college degree. All classes are taught by the high school’s teachers, on school grounds, during the regular school day. Students are exposed to a variety of career opportunities during free Career Exploration Days held at the college. College Career Pathways covers the cost of the bus and lunches for high school students who visit the college for these exciting days. Students, in the past, have had the opportunity to learn about criminal justice and public service opportunities, along with career options in accounting, manufacturing, allied health, radio and television broadcasting.

How Do I Apply?

Applications, for both the college and College Career Pathways program, are due to your Guidance Counselor or High School’s College Career Pathways Office prior to when you take the CCP approved course. The $20 application fee is waived. Please contact your high school guidance department for their specific deadline.

Policies for CCP Students

Students participating in ACC’s CCP program are considered to be Asnuntuck Community College (ACC) students. Those students applying to earn credit for certain Chemistry and/or all math courses must earn a minimum score of 65 on the elementary algebra portion of the Accuplacer placement test. This test will be offered to students prior to their enrolling in the course.  Please check with your high school guidance department on how you can take the test.

Students are able to add/drop CCP approved classes through October 5th for classes taken in the fall and by February 20th for classes beginning in January. Students that opt to drop a class can still remain in their high school class but will be opting out of the CCP Program and the eligibility for college credit on an Asnuntuck transcript.  A withdrawal period is available until April. Students participating in ACC’s CCP course for MAT 137 will be required to take Asnuntuck’s final exam in order to be eligible for college credit.

CCP Application Material: