An agreement between Follett Bookstores and Connecticut’s 12 community colleges is resulting in significant savings for students. Changes to the Follett contract last year were a result of Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) President Mark Ojakian’s desire to provide students an affordable option for textbooks. Students who purchase new textbooks at the colleges’ on-site bookstores now receive a 10 % discount. As a result of this change, students at Asnuntuck Community College have saved $38,000. “The charge from President Ojakian to the committee (a system-wide committee regularly meets with Follett) was for us to save students money. Hopefully the 10% discount, in addition to textbook rental, digital, used, OER (Open Educational Resources) and buy back give students several options to save money,” Charles C. Cleary, dean of administration Tunxis Community College.

The estimates show that this 5-year agreement with Follett Higher Education Group will save students an estimated $1.16 million per year on textbooks. The agreement also includes an investment of $250,000 in design and infrastructure upgrades to campus bookstores. Students system-wide have saved more than $565,000 with this discount in place.

 Additionally, Follett now matches the price for textbooks for Connecticut Community College students, if a student finds a new or used textbook for a lesser amount, with another vendor such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble. The community colleges will also receive $250,000 from net book revenue. These funds will be used for student financial aid.

“We’re pleased to partner with Connecticut Community Colleges to offer students across Connecticut a discount on all new textbooks,” said Clay Wahl, president of Follett Higher Education. “Affordability, access and student success are at the core of our mission at Follett. We offer a wide-range of affordable course material solutions that match students’ individual learning and financial needs including used books, text rental, digital content and price matching.” 

 Pamela Fairbanks, manager of Follett’s Asnuntuck bookstore (far left, in photo above) says, “So far the 10% off new textbooks seems to be a welcome relief for students, since college textbooks can take a toll on a students’ pocket.”