Asnuntuck Community College (ACC) is responding to a demand from Connecticut Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP’s) and other public safety dispatch centers for qualified recruits for the public safety telecommunications field.

This Fall ACC’s Workforce Development & Continuing Education Department has launched the Public Safety Dispatch & Continuing Dispatch Education (PSD & CDE) Program. As a result of these offerings students will become more educated in the area of public safety telecommunications. The students who complete classes will offer area centers a professional, skilled and certified pool of candidates.

ACC’s PSD & CDE Program is overseen and taught by Adjunct Instructor Jeremie Meyer of Enfield.  Meyer is a certified Public Safety Telecommunications Instructor with over twenty three years of diverse public safety experience, thirteen of those years in Public Safety Communication.

Upon completion of the Public Safety Dispatch course students will earn certification in a number of areas including, APCO Public Safety Telecommunicator, APCO Fire Service Communications, ICS 100 (Incident Command Systems), NIMS 700 (National Incident Management System),Haz-Mat Awareness, Weapons of Mass Destruction/Terrorism Awareness for Emergency Responders, Telematics Public Safety Training and Asnuntuck Community College Public Safety Dispatch Certificate of Completion.

As part of the program ACC is also launching state-wide Continuing Dispatch Education classes starting in September, 2014 for public safety telecommunicators in the state of Connecticut.

The Continuing Dispatch Education (CDE) portion of the program consists of 4 to 8 hour one day classes on specific topics to assist the public safety telecommunicators to gain a higher understanding of a specific type of call or as a refresher for calls they may not take frequently.

ACC will respond to the needs of the candidates and course offerings will be expanded in the future. On-site training for town departments is available upon request. CT PSAP’s are encouraged to contact CT DSET for information on reimbursement for any of these classes. Contact CT DSET at (860) 685-8031.

Those individuals receiving SNAP/WIA funding may be eligible to take these classes for free. For more information or to register, call the Department of Workforce Development and Continuing Education at (860)253-3034 or (860)253-3066.