The Fall semester may have already begun at Asnuntuck but there is still time to register for select courses. Late Start allows students to register for accelerated courses with start dates in September and October. These online classes meet less than a traditional 15-week semester but cover the same material.


Classes and dates for the online classes Intro to Nutrition (09/09-12/15),  Principles of Environmental Sci (09/09-12/15), Business Ethics (09/14-12/15), Intro to Software Applications (09/09-12/15), Spreadsheet Applications (09/09-12/15), Music and Movement for Children  (10/19-11/23), Administration & Supervision of Early Childhood Programs (10/19-11/23),  Composition (09/09-12/15),  Legal Issues Hum Services (10/19/11/23), Music History & Appreciation I  (09/09-12/15),  General Psychology I   (09/09-12/15), Principles of Sociology

 (09/09-12/15), Self & Others (10/24-12/05) and First Year Experience (Hybrid 09/09-12/15).


Students are encouraged to make sure courses fulfill their program’s requirements by using Degree Works or checking with an advisor.


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Students can find descriptions regarding Instruction Method at 


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