Asnuntuck Community College has announced that the following full and part-time students have achieved Dean’s List status following their Fall semester of studies. Full-time students, who are matriculated in a certificate or degree program and who have successfully completed 12 or more credits of work in a semester with a grade point average of 3.4 or above, are named to the list. Part-time students who are matriculated in a certificate or degree program are also eligible for such recognition when they have completed 12 or more credits of work with a grade point average of 3.4 or above. 

Alexis                 S       Lindman               Agawam                             MA

Desere                        Ramsey                 Agawam                             MA

Jacob                 E       Michel                  Bloomfield                          CT

Megan              L        Miller                     Bloomfield                         CT

Mara                  A       Heyne                    Bristol                                 CT

Diana                 J        Leach                    Broad Brook                      CT

Kalyanaraman          Gopalaswamy        East Granby                      CT

Dillon                 L        Silkey                    East Granby                      CT

Ashley               E       Thomas                  East Granby                      CT

Remington      J        Ewald                     East Hartford                    CT

Chavaughn      C       Prince                    East Hartford                     CT

Kimani               S       Rattray                  East Hartford                   CT

Jack                    R       Gagnon                 East Longmeadow          MA

Christina                     Gebo                     East Longmeadow           MA

Brendan           P       Hearne                  East Longmeadow           MA

Paul                    A       Iellamo                  East Longmeadow         MA

Victoria             S       Kelliher                 East Longmeadow          MA

Sandra               M     Aristizabal            East Windsor                   CT

Madysen          M     Blackmore           East Windsor                      CT

Coady                J       Cavanaugh          East Windsor                     CT

Daniel                         Fraser                    East Windsor                    CT

Carla                   R      Beutel                   Ellington                            CT

Weston             L        Bevins                   Ellington                            CT

Kelly                   M     Hearn                    Ellington                            CT

Aleceia              B       LeCours                Ellington                             CT

Matthew          J        Tuttle                     Ellington                             CT

Benjamin         S       Wilcox                   Ellington                              CT

Anthony           T       Adams                   Enfield                                 CT

David                 W     Andrusik               Enfield                                 CT

Elisabeth          J        Andrusik               Enfield                                CT

Jedidiah                      Andrusik               Enfield                                CT

Eric                      R     Baillargeon          Enfield                                 CT

Steven              P         Bajek                     Enfield                                CT

Jason                 M     Bartosiak                Enfield                                CT

Grace                 E       Bauman                 Enfield                                CT

Tricia                  L       Blackwelder          Enfield                                CT

Samantha        E       Bocwinski               Enfield                                 CT

Adilia                          Bonilla                    Enfield                                  CT

Michael             P       Brown                    Enfield                                   CT

Heather            M     Bruyette                 Enfield                                   CT

Comie                V       Buanno                 Enfield                                 CT

Michael             A       Byrd                      Enfield                                 CT

Courtney          A       Cadogan               Enfield                                 CT

Michael             E       Callanan               Enfield                                 CT

David                 J        Callender             Enfield                                 CT

Tim                     L        Campbell             Enfield                                 CT

Olivia                            Cardone               Enfield                                 CT

Matthew                    Chandler              Enfield                                   CT

Nicole                R       Chartier                Enfield                                 CT

Ryan                   J        Conway                Enfield                                 CT

Rodney                       Coriano                 Enfield                                 CT

Katherine         A       Courville               Enfield                                 CT

Xander              L        Croner                  Enfield                                 CT

Tiffanie                       Cruickshank        Enfield                                 CT

Timothy                      Cummings           Enfield                                 CT

Peter                 E       Czajkowski            Enfield                                 CT

Daemian                     deBidart               Enfield                                 CT

Michael             J        DiBattisto             Enfield                                 CT

Aaron                J        Distazio                 Enfield                                 CT

Thomas             E       Fountaine Jr.       Enfield                                 CT

Benedict           M     Gillen                     Enfield                                 CT

Kayla                  R       Green                   Enfield                                 CT

Ruthie               M     Guhne                   Enfield                                 CT

Jessica               E       Handly                 Enfield                                 CT

Layla                   N      Holmes                 Enfield                                 CT

Erick                   R       Huerta                   Enfield                                 CT

Shianna             L        Jackson                 Enfield                                 CT

Meilani                        James                    Enfield                                 CT

Noelle               N      Keith                      Enfield                                 CT

Charlene          M     Kmiecik                 Enfield                                 CT

Timothy            C       Kosloskey            Enfield                                 CT

Vanessa                      Kramar                  Enfield                                 CT

Brian                  J        Lozier                     Enfield                                 CT

Anting                         Ma                          Enfield                                 CT

Dominic                      Maccini                 Enfield                                 CT

Ariana                L        Maggio                  Enfield                                 CT

Pamela              A       Marek                   Enfield                                 CT

Craig                   A       Margelony           Enfield                                 CT

Erin                     A       Martin                   Enfield                                 CT

Shamal              T       Mason                   Enfield                                 CT

Joseph              D       Mazzie                  Enfield                                 CT

Cierra                 E       Menard                Enfield                                 CT

Albert                J        Merkt                    Enfield                                 CT

Audrey              P       Miller                     Enfield                                 CT

Alicia                  M     Mollison               Enfield                                 CT

Ashley               A       Newell                  Enfield                                 CT

Trevor               T       Nguyen                 Enfield                                 CT

Taylor                L        O’Connell             Enfield                                 CT

Makenzie         L        O’Kanos                Enfield                                 CT

Steven              P       Ouellette             Enfield                                 CT

Abby                            Parkman               Enfield                                 CT

Anthony           M     Pasquarelli           Enfield                                 CT

Michael             A       Pawlowski           Enfield                                 CT

Terrance                     Phillips                   Enfield                                 CT

Desiray              S       Price                       Enfield                                 CT

Nicole                E       Prosinski               Enfield                                 CT

Austin                J        Radkovich            Enfield                                 CT

Jeffrey              S       Richloff                 Enfield                                 CT

Robert               R       Robertson           Enfield                                 CT

Luis                     V       Rojas                      Enfield                                 CT

Nicholas                      Russo                     Enfield                                 CT

Steve                 L        Sewell                   Enfield                                 CT

Cedric                E       Sheppard             Enfield                                 CT

Jack                    S       Sherman              Enfield                                 CT

Nolan                 A       Skehan                  Enfield                                 CT

Alicia                            St. Peter               Enfield                                 CT

Warren             R       Stojda                    Enfield                                 CT

Erin                     I        Stone                     Enfield                                 CT

Anthony           W     Stork                      Enfield                                 CT

Taylor                          Strevel                  Enfield                                 CT

Gaven               M     Swanson              Enfield                                 CT

Ella                      R       Tennis                   Enfield                                 CT

Megan              L        Thorogood          Enfield                                 CT

Desiree                       Toledo                   Enfield                                 CT

Nicola                D       Travali                    Enfield                                 CT

David                           Tucker                   Enfield                                 CT

Jason                           Tygart                    Enfield                                 CT

Houa                            Vang                      Enfield                                 CT

Nicole                          Varnet                   Enfield                                 CT

Hawley              A       Wells                      Enfield                                 CT

Rachel                         White                    Enfield                                 CT

Marilyn             A       Liberatore            Feeding Hills                      MA

Amanda            L        Odum                    Granby                                CT

Brittney            E       Sprafke                 Granby                                CT

Jacob                 P       Conlon                  Granby                                MA

Shianne            C       Cannizzaro           Granville                             MA

Skylar                 K       Mitchell                Granville                             MA

Michael             M     Lewandowski     Hampden                           MA

Michael             A       Annelli                   Hartford                             CT

Samir                 S       Bates                     Hartford                             CT

Mathew                     Hernandez          Hartford                             CT

Eli                        A       Mercedes            Hartford                             CT

Jenika                N      Quinn                    Hartford                             CT

Hector               L        Romero                Hartford                             CT

Valerie              J        Vassell                   Hartford                             CT

Jacob                 D       Sanstrom             Hebron                               CT

Jacqueline       M     La Rosa                 Hilo                                       HI

Allison               M     Knight                    Longmeadow                   MA

Megan                        Mellis                     Longmeadow                   MA

Tiffany               E       Shapiro                 Longmeadow                   MA

Danielle            R       Grenier                 Ludlow                                MA

Jaime                 H       Alvarez-Pena      Manchester                      CT

Brittany                       Delf                        Manchester                      CT

Aaron                J        Galvin                    Mansfield Center            CT

Nathan              G      Barnes                   Monson                              MA

Nazar                           Moroz                   New Britain                       CT

Miriam                        Hintz                      Newington                        CT

David                 H       Kalman                  Newington                        CT

Jeffrey              A       Harper                   Plymouth                           CT

Rachel               L        Primmer               Simsbury                            CT

Ian                      M     Arnone                 Somers                               CT

Melissa             J        Banning                Somers                               CT

Jamaal               C       Bazemore            Somers                               CT

Curtis                           Bowen                  Somers                               CT

Evelyn                         Bujnowski            Somers                               CT

Francesca         G      Cardinale              Somers                               CT

Luke                   S       Cassarino             Somers                               CT

WIlliam              A       Celtruda               Somers                               CT

Thomas             A       Christian               Somers                               CT

Lonnie               J        Cross                      Somers                               CT

Eric                      E       Floyd                      Somers                               CT

Samantha        T       Hearn                    Somers                               CT

Molly                 A       Henderson          Somers                               CT

Bryan                 J        Jablonski              Somers                               CT

Jayden              M     Kement                Somers                               CT

Samantha        L        Kopec                    Somers                               CT

John                   J        La Rose                 Somers                               CT

Kevin                 J        McColl                   Somers                               CT

Jon                                Merrill                   Somers                               CT

Maximillian      L        Orosz                     Somers                               CT

Robert               H       Samson                 Somers                               CT

Joseph              J        Santiago               Somers                               CT

Leonard                      Trujillo                   Somers                               CT

Justin                           Wise                       Somers                               CT

Afsheen                     Hussain                 South Windsor                 CT

Ryan                   R       Lash                        South Windsor                 CT

Thomas             R       Bourgault             Southwick                          MA

Krystelle           A       Blake                      Springfield                         MA

Lisa                     M     McCarthy             Springfield                         MA

Romualdo        J        Perez-Campos   Springfield                         MA

Matthew          A       Picard                    Springfield                         MA

Devin                 R       Rodriguez            Springfield                         MA

Tina                    M     Walker                  Springfield                         MA

Asia                    C       Avery                     Stafford Springs               CT

Tyler                             Gilbert                   Stafford Springs               CT

Claudia              J        Glidden                 Stafford Springs               CT

Kerry                  A       Leroux                   Stafford Springs               CT

Mason               F       Messier                Stafford Springs               CT

Brenden           J        Pontz                     Stafford Springs               CT

Cassandra        M     Rogers                   Stafford Springs               CT

Larraine            A       Rubacha               Stafford Springs               CT

Teodoro                     Perez                     Stamford                            CT

Jessica               A       Caouette              Storrs                                   CT

Jaden                 X       Alvarez                  Suffield                               CT

Duane               R       Clark Jr.                 Suffield                               CT

Joseph              R       Cormier                Suffield                               CT

Kenneth           J        Cross                      Suffield                               CT

Abdul Wadud M     Cummings           Suffield                               CT

Bashaun           G      Faison                    Suffield                               CT

David                 M     Farnam                 Suffield                               CT

Norman                      Gaines                   Suffield                               CT

Tori                     M     Grano                    Suffield                               CT

Ian                      M     Gray                       Suffield                               CT

Jody                   R       Griswold               Suffield                               CT

Jerome                       Hamlin                   Suffield                               CT

Paula                  C       Kennedy              Suffield                               CT

Lizeth                 M     Lamberti               Suffield                               CT

Lee                     A       LaRochelle           Suffield                               CT

Anthony           C       Manousos           Suffield                               CT

Omar                 J        Miller                     Suffield                               CT

Maxwell           S       Mitzel                    Suffield                               CT

Matthew          G      Morrell                  Suffield                               CT

Henry                          Morris                   Suffield                               CT

Kevin                 A       Myers Jr.              Suffield                               CT

Michael                       Rios                        Suffield                               CT

Alexandra        K       Rookey                 Suffield                               CT

Oscar                           Rosario                  Suffield                               CT

Abraham          F       Santiago               Suffield                               CT

Rene                  E       Sklar                       Suffield                               CT

Omele               S       Smith                     Suffield                               CT

Deanna                       Theodore             Suffield                               CT

Nicole                L        Turgeon                Suffield                               CT

Norman                      Warren                 Suffield                               CT

Mackenzie       M     Weaver                 Suffield                               CT

Donald              W     Schmidt                Unionville                          CT

Jason                 C       Apinis                    Vernon                               CT

Angelica            K       Danowski             Vernon                               CT

Macy                  C       Delasco                 Vernon                               CT

Timothy            W     Stahl                       West Hartford                  CT

Gregory            E       Woodward          West Hartford                  CT

Consuelo          M     Carlson                  West Springfield              MA

Dominick          J        Corallo                   West Suffield                    CT

Holly                             Tseka                     West Suffield                    CT

Kathryn             E       Puza                       Westfield                           MA

Estelle                         Ramage                Westfield                           MA

Noah                  C       Hanson                 Wilbraham                         MA

Jered                 S       Sasen                     Wilbraham                         MA

Andrew            J        Hannon                 Willington                          CT

Jayden              E       Ramsey                 Willington                          CT

Jacob                           Bownoth              Windsor                              CT

Venice               B       Brown                   Windsor                              CT

Opal                   M     Clayton                 Windsor                              CT

Samuel              F       Driscoll                  Windsor                              CT

Brynn                 M     Leslie                     Windsor                              CT

Michelle                     Lowther                Windsor                              CT

Brittnae            D       Macklin                 Windsor                              CT

Scott                  C       Marcoe                 Windsor                              CT

Judith                A       Morales                Windsor                              CT

Ian                      P       Sullivan                 Windsor                              CT

Ronald               A       Barraza                  Windsor Locks                  CT

Kadejra             S       Brown                   Windsor Locks                  CT

Sally                    A       DeJesus                Windsor Locks                  CT

Janis                   E       Emmette              Windsor Locks                  CT

Michael             S       Lyver                      Windsor Locks                  CT

Amanda            J        McKeon                Windsor Locks                  CT

Chyna                N      Mcmillian             Windsor Locks                  CT

Emily                  C       Perez                     Windsor Locks                  CT

Adam                 J        Pikul                       Windsor Locks                  CT

Danielle            M     Poppel                  Windsor Locks                  CT

Frank                 L        Randall                  Windsor Locks                  CT

Emily                  E       Sheridan               Windsor Locks                  CT