Asnuntuck Community College has announced that the following 240 full and part-time students have achieved Dean’s List status following their fall semester of studies. Full-time students, who are matriculated in a certificate or degree program and who have successfully completed 12 or more credits of work in a semester with a grade point average of 3.4 or above are named to the list. Part-time students who are matriculated in a certificate or degree program are also eligible for such recognition when they have completed 12 or more credits of work with a grade point average of 3.4. 


Daniel Duncan, Agawam, MA

Viet Pham, Amherst, MA

Pamela Sailor, Bloomfield, CT

Matthew Mercier, Bradenton, FL

Lisa Gallipo, Broad Brook, CT

Jacqueline Arana, Broad Brook, CT

Christopher Avery, Chicopee, MA

Jared Tittle, Chicopee, MA

Jacqueline Alessio, Colchester, CT

Morgan Stevens, East Granby, CT

Stephanie Cahill, East Granby, CT

Christine Byers, East Granby, CT

Beth Irwin, East Hartland, CT

Laura Irwin, East Hartland, CT

Jeffrey Dalessio, East Longmeadow, MA

Meghan Sacristan, East Longmeadow, MA

Jessica Gerbutovich, East Windsor, CT

Diane DeGray, East Windsor, CT

Ian Curtiss, East Windsor, CT

Abigail Burson, Ellington, CT

Taylor Segar, Ellington, CT

Alicia Schmidt, Ellington, CT

Jenna Stone, Ellington, CT

Caroline Friedman, Ellington, CT

Jessica Langevin, Ellington, CT

Justin Malley, Ellington, CT

Sarah Tevelde, Ellington, CT

Corinne Tryon, Ellington, CT

Melissa Deane, Enfield, CT

Nargiza Dorosidze, Enfield, CT

Ryan Murphy, Enfield, CT

Melissa DiNallo, Enfield, CT

Samantha Pelletier, Enfield, CT

Barbara Kana, Enfield, CT

Steven Pelletier, Enfield, CT

Courtney Perkas, Enfield, CT

Anthony Perrone, Enfield, CT

Shayna Jones, Enfield, CT

Kathryn Hebb, Enfield, CT

Vangter Lor, Enfield, CT

Abigail Pignataro, Enfield, CT

Izabela Karch, Enfield, CT

Anthony Pion, Enfield, CT

Henry Poku, Enfield, CT

Daniel Hublitz, Enfield, CT

John Hillis, Enfield, CT

Min Henderson, Enfield, CT

Sierra Rasmussen, Enfield, CT

Donjeta Rexhepi, Enfield, CT

Rilind Rexhepi, Enfield, CT

Roberta Richmond, Enfield, CT

Sydney Daddario, Enfield, CT

Jeffrey Jacobs, Enfield, CT

Tyler Griffith, Enfield, CT

Robert Kruzel, Enfield, CT

Austin Glidden, Enfield, CT

Alec Korpusinski, Enfield, CT

Dorota Gdula, Enfield, CT

Michael Knapp, Enfield, CT

Jolene Kmiecik, Enfield, CT

Matthew LeMay, Enfield, CT

Alyssa Gabriel, Enfield, CT

Nathaniel Kissel, Enfield, CT

Ryan Conway, Enfield, CT

Maria Dufresne, Enfield, CT

Andrew Green, Enfield, CT

Alicia Mollison, Enfield, CT

Alyssa Fetridge, Enfield, CT

Brandon Keeler, Enfield, CT

Joshua Keegan, Enfield, CT

Joshua Marcotte, Enfield, CT

Polly Martin, Enfield, CT

Alexis McDaniel, Enfield, CT

Sean McNeff, Enfield, CT

Monica Kedzior, Enfield, CT

William Eastham, Enfield, CT

Gulchehra Gravel, Enfield, CT

Allison Kilty, Enfield, CT

Kayla Barton, Enfield, CT

Michael Soderquist, Enfield, CT

Valerie Sopelak, Enfield, CT

Zachary Ritchie, Enfield, CT

Jennifer Stone, Enfield, CT

Brianna Cruz, Enfield, CT

Ryan Bridges, Enfield, CT

Jacob Nitch, Enfield, CT

Brianna O'Neill, Enfield, CT

Gabrielle Boucher, Enfield, CT

Christopher Blizniak, Enfield, CT

Chukwudi Ojei, Enfield, CT

Winter Olden, Enfield, CT

Charles Smith, Enfield, CT

Veronika Parcal, Enfield, CT

Miranda Stephens, Enfield, CT

Lindsey Taupier, Enfield, CT

Victoria Barth, Enfield, CT

Jeffrey Thompson, Enfield, CT

Amanda Baker, Enfield, CT

Lauren Attenello, Enfield, CT

Mark Arbogast, Enfield, CT

Rachel Vella, Enfield, CT

Gabrielle Violette, Enfield, CT

Phillip Anderson, Enfield, CT

Thomas Walter, Enfield, CT

Autumn Allen, Enfield, CT

Sage Wilcox, Enfield, CT

Jack Yang, Enfield, CT

Aaron Blais, Enfield, CT

Avery Sherman, Enfield, CT

William Scully, Enfield, CT

Emily Slade, Enfield, CT

Jared Cayouette, Enfield, CT

Yvonne Sanchez, Enfield, CT

Penny Cheney, Enfield, CT

Marlene Cintron, Enfield, CT

Tyler Carlson, Enfield, CT

James Russell, Enfield, CT

Leah Cass, Enfield, CT

Patrice Shirey, Enfield, CT

James Siatras, Enfield, CT

Adriel Colon, Enfield, CT

Gabrielle Campanelli, Enfield, CT

Evan Leslie, Enfield, CT

Christopher Coope, Enfield, CT

Taylor Henrich, Enfield, CT

Michelle Sitler, Enfield, CT

Randi Lee Sabettini, Enfield, CT

Gerald Basile, Feeding Hills, MA

Thomas Vaughan, Granby, CT

Anna DeLaRoche, Granby, CT

Cody Landry, Granby, CT

MacKenzie Walat, Hampden, MA

Ajay Sukhram, Hartford, CT

Charles Rankin Macgill, Hartford, CT

Alexander DeRaps, Hartford, CT

Patricia Cancho, Hartford, CT

Orville Castillo, Hartford, CT

Jeffrey Fleury, Hatfield, MA

Kenneth Fagan, Longmeadow, MA

John Foley, Longmeadow, MA

Steven Solis, Meriden, CT

Anthony Altieri, Milford, CT

Lemuel Salgado, New Britain, CT

Baljinder Singh, Newington, CT

Cheina Leavitt, North Granby, CT

Viet Nguyen, Pelham, MA

Florent Henci, Rocky Hill, CT

Melody Bych, Somers, CT

Jacquelin Bessette, Somers, CT

Samuel Collin, Somers, CT

Julia Alexander, Somers, CT

Lauren Buettner, Somers, CT

Kate Campbell, Somers, CT

Briana Daigle, Somers, CT

Kim Scully, Somers, CT

Jessalyn Samson, Somers, CT

Paul Kennedy, Somers, CT

Olivia Tyler, Somers, CT

Faylene McGrath, Somers, CT

Emily Troy, Somers, CT

Hayden LaBrie, Somers, CT

Matthew Rafala, Somers, CT

Susan Longo, Somers, CT

Jennifer Lashway, Somers, CT

Jon Merrill, Somers, CT

Daniel Budarz, South Windsor, CT

Junhui Tan, South Windsor, CT

Pengyu Tan, South Windsor, CT

Alejandra Silvia, South Windsor, CT

Steven Lane, South Windsor, CT

Peng Chen, South Windsor, CT

Nicholas Giorgio, Southborough, MA

Annette Rogoza, Southington, CT

Rosanne Biagetti, Springfield, MA

Lekeisha Walker, Springfield, MA

Helena Davis, Springfield, MA

Victor Bui, Springfield, MA

Emily Sarkisian, Stafford Springs, CT

Maria Spellman, Stafford Springs, CT

Larraine Rubacha, Stafford Springs, CT

Johanna Ruemmele, Stafford Springs, CT

Rebekah Delisle, Stafford Springs, CT

Mary Lepak, Stafford Springs, CT

Desiree Morrison, Stafford Springs, CT

Jewel Whyte, Stafford Springs, CT

James Wargo, Stafford Springs, CT

Amanda Minor, Stafford Springs, CT

Danuta Korzeniewska, Stafford Springs, CT

Taylor LaFlamme, Stafford Springs, CT

Alyssa Murray, Stafford Springs, CT

Emileigh Ohayon, Stafford Springs, CT

Rebekah Sawyer, Suffield, CT

Thomas Padrevita, Suffield, CT

John Beiter, Suffield, CT

Tracy Ouellette, Suffield, CT

Thomas Levinskas, Suffield, CT

Nicholas Bologna, Suffield, CT

Stephanie Parnin, Suffield, CT

Julianna Jaciow, Suffield, CT

Olivia Sagan, Suffield, CT

Jillian Jenkins, Suffield, CT

Meghan Corr, Suffield, CT

Penny Riley, Suffield, CT

Alyssa Oesting, Vernon, CT

Andrew Pilkons, Vernon, CT

Kathryn Riordan, Vernon Rockville, CT

Christine Barton, Vernon/Rockville, CT

Norman Remillard, West Hartford, CT

Son Nguyen, West Springfield, MA

Son Nguyen, West Springfield, MA

Kimberly Drake, West Suffield, CT

Angelina Vono, West Suffield, CT

John Weigel, West Suffield, CT

Daniel Coffin, Westfield, MA

Mark Sefton, Westfield, MA

Medin Begic, Wethersfield, CT

Rafael Frutos, Willimantic, CT

Ian Thomas, Windsor, CT

Ahmed Aied, Windsor, CT

Michelle Lowther, Windsor, CT

Barbara Marcoe, Windsor, CT

Justin Morneau, Windsor, CT

Kristen Pietraroia, Windsor, CT

Andrew St. Amand, Windsor, CT

Katherine Higgins, Windsor, CT

Michelle Golden, Windsor Locks, CT

Mubarak Samuel, Windsor Locks, CT

David Wezniak, Windsor Locks, CT

Amanda Ross, Windsor Locks, CT

Mahnaz Hamdani, Windsor Locks, CT

Nathan Sheffer, Windsor Locks, CT

Asma Khan, Windsor Locks, CT

Mirela Omerbasic, Windsor Locks, CT

Melinda Tucker, Windsor Locks, CT

Brett Faraday, Windsor Locks, CT

Kasey Shemanskis, Windsor Locks, CT

Jeannine Cairl, Windsor Locks, CT

Nilsa Soto, Windsor Locks, CT

Michelle Stroud, Windsor Locks, CT

Rachel Turner, Windsor Locks, CT