National names take front and center in the boardroom at The Windsor Marketing Group (WMG) in Suffield. Serving more than 3,000 clients the local company has been in business since 1976. Two alumni of Asnuntuck Community College (ACC) are part of the company’s successful team.

Rebecca Lavoie and Michael Oney didn’t realize that when they were sitting in Communication classes together at Asnuntuck a few years ago that they would become co-workers in the future. Both credit Communications Coordinator Wendy Nelson with helping with their success. “Wendy was my advisor,” says Lavoie. Lavoie, who graduated from ACC in 2012, went on to earn her Bachelor’s degree in marketing from Suffolk University in 2015. Oney, a Windsor Locks resident, graduated in 2012 from Asnuntuck, and went on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Hartford, graduating in 2014. He said it was Nelson who helped him get an internship with an area radio station when he was a student at Asnuntuck.

Lavoie, a Suffield resident was the first of the two to land a job at the in-store retail marketing company. She said she had done her job searching, learned about WMG, and applied. “I had my interview with the CEO and it went well,” says Lavoie. The Asnuntuck grad was hired as a Customer Marketing Specialist and is in the process of transitioning into an Account Executive. She just celebrated her one year anniversary with the company in July.

While both earned a degree in Communications, while at Asnuntuck, they both pursued different degrees at their four year institutions. They both agree however that what they learned in the classrooms at Asnuntuck prepared them for their chosen career. The subject matter taught in the social media marketing and journalism classes at ACC, gave them the skills they need to tell a client’s story. “What Asnuntuck does differently is that the curriculum is built on tangible, practical experiences,” says Oney.

Lavoie reached out to Nelson when she learned her company would be hiring and asked if she could recommend a former student. Nelson immediately thought of Oney. Lavoie agreed he would be a good candidate and the networking began. “She helped get my feet in the door,” said Oney. The ACC alum began working for the company in May, as an Account Analyst. “I would not have this job if Becca didn’t reach out to Wendy,” said Oney.

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