Student Right-to-Know Act Information

According to the Student Right-to-Know Act (P.L. 101-542) of 1990, colleges and universities that administer federal Title IV funds must disclose certain information to prospective and enrolled students, parents and employees. Required student consumer information is already on our website, this page is meant to create a simple way to access all of the required information from one point.

1. Gainful Employment Information for Certificate Programs

Major Code     Program Name (CIP Code)

MJ22                 Accounting Assistant (520302)

MJ42                 Business Administration (520101)

MJ23                 Early Childhood Education (131210)

MJ26                 Gerontology (301101)

MK60                Advanced Manufacturing Machine Technology (480510)

MJ87                 Manufacturing Welding Technology Fundamentals (150614)

MJ14                 Office User Specialist (110601)

MJ08                 Electro-Mechanical Maintenance (150403)

MJ68                 Web Designer (110801)

MJ11                 Human Services Management (511502)

MJ25                 Marketing (521401)

2. Graduation Rate