Contact Information

Caitlin Boger-Hawkins
Director of Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness


Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The IRB is a committee established by Asnuntuck (ACC) and Tunxis (TXCC) Community Colleges to ensure that any research conducted at either or both colleges, which is not authorized by the college senior administration, will support the effective functioning of the colleges, and ensure the well-being of research participants be protected. The most common research reviewed by IRB is the collection of data from students and employees for doctoral dissertation.

The Composition of IRB (Seven Members):

Deans of Academic Affairs: Amy Feest (TXCC), Teresa Foley (ACC)
Deans of Student Services: Charles Cleary (TXCC), Timothy St. James (ACC)
Faculty: Laurie Chancey (ACC), Robert Hadley (TXCC)
Regional Director of Institutional Research: Qing Mack ( IRB Chair)


Policy and Procedure