Phlebotomy Externship

This course requires the student, in the controlled environment of an approved phlebotomy externship site, to experience the hands-on application of blood collection procedures. This course [...]


This course consists of classroom theory and simulated laboratory settings where students will learn the skill of phlebotomy. Students will demonstrate successful specimen collection with [...]

Women’s Health Issues

This course examines health topics of special interest and applicability to women, such as women's cycles, addictions, lifestyle choices, and self-concept. Part of the focus is on the role of [...]

Wellness Practices

This course expands on the principles and theories of Psychology 103, Introduction to Holistic Wellness, focusing their premise in a practical applications format. A weekly regimen of meditation [...]

Health & Wellness Today

This course is designed to provide students with a basic knowledge of current personal health concepts and applications such as health and wellness, stress management, substance use and abuse, [...]