Business Communications

This course introduces the fundamentals of communication for personal, business and professional use. Students will practice how to write letters, memos and reports, prepare graphics, and deliver [...]

Television Production

Designed to familiarize students with video production concepts, ideas, and techniques beyond the elementary understanding of the process.  This is a hands-on course; each student or team [...]

Internship I

Supervised experience working in a professional communications environment. The internship is a program designed to provide the student with hands-on, practical experience in the information or [...]

Advanced Audio Production

The course introduces students to advanced digital production techniques for radio, video, and multimedia. Through lectures, demonstrations, and production assignments, students gain valuable [...]

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, blogs, YouTube, Twitter, and other new technologies have changed and challenged the marketing landscape. By analyzing case studies and examining current uses of social media marketing, [...]

Radio Practicum

Students enrolled in the practicum gain hands-on experience at WACC, Asnuntuck's radio station. Each student is assigned a weekly, three-hour air shift. Students will learn how to operate [...]

Public Speaking

Objective is to develop student capabilities in oral communication before an audience. Focuses on observation, analysis, and practice in various types of public speaking. Special attention is [...]

Video Filmmaking

An introduction to basic video production concepts, ideas, and techniques. A hands-on course–students actively participate in video field production. Students work on their projects [...]

Audio Production

Introductory class designed to familiarize students with the basics of audio production and performance. Technical aspects of the class focus on the equipment, studio environment, and recording, [...]

Sports Reporting

Sports Reporting introduces students to the fundamentals of sports writing. Students will analyze sports reporting in print, broadcast, and online. Assignments emphasize practical skills grounded [...]

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